Fairfruit Hungary

Our own production areas are located in the heart of Lake Balaton and in the Gönczi production area, on about 150 hectares further while we are working in partnership with additional growers for various products like apricots, cherries or asparagus to provide wider assortment for our clients. Our history is more than 20 years long in Hungary, together with Gyümölcsért Ltd (formal Producer Organization). We worked to develop the traditional Gönci Apricot region and increased the hectares of apricot orchards.

Our main profile is the packaging and sale of fruits and vegetables. Among them, our core business is the management of stone fruits.  The packing facilities of Gyümölcsért Ltd guarantee a fast and fair service to our customers.

Furthermore, our winery is located in the Tokaj – Hegyalja wine region.  This new and efficient infrastructure allows us to produce several types of premium wines.



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